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2023 Program Registration

Registrations are now open for Blue Roo’s 2023 Pathways to Performance Program!

Email us at for more information.

With places already filling up, don’t miss your chance to JOIN IN THE FUN!!

A little more on the Pathways to Performance Program:

The Pathways to Performance Program is open to performers of all abilities and skill levels. You will develop narrative skills, acting techniques, and stage craft in a team setting that is safe and engaging. Every performer in the program will help shape public performances under the guidance of some of the best independent artists and Directors in Queensland.

As you learn, you perform more often throughout the year in different types of public settings. Each term you will have the opportunity to perform in theatres and public spaces in professional costumes, telling stories you helped to design.

You will also have the opportunity to tour – spreading the joy to Queensland schools and regional communities.

Blue Roo Changes Lives.

Arts Queensland

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