Previous Performances and Activities

Commedia Dell’Arte

In the wonderful tradition of Commedia dell’Arte, Blue Roo Theatre Company brings the theatre offering steeped in the classical Italian comic style. Performed in original masks, live music and with complete mayhem the ensemble brings a touch of chaos, as Arlecchino, Isabella and Silvio, attempt to foil Pantelone’s avid greed.

It is a small-scale touring production which consists of seven performers and Blue Roo’s musical and artistic directors can be adapted on to any traditional or non- traditional playing space.

The tours respond to the wishes of the community, particularly minority demographics. The performers tour throughout Queensland delivering performances and inclusive performing arts residencies. Previous tours include, far West and Northern Queensland connecting with the inclusive regional and remote Queensland.

In 2019 the company tour visited three indigenous communities in far North Queensland – Yarrabah, Wujal Wujal and Hopevale. It performed and delivered workshops in the communities nursing homes, primary schools and community/art centres.

Perfomance to Date

August 2015


The performance causes changing atmospheres and brings mayhem around Brisbane and beyond. This production featured the Commedia dell’Arte ensemble. This was a new Commedia dell’Arte touring production. The production performed in Townsville at Dancenorth’s School of Arts theatre and was invited to perform at Ingham’s Australian/Italian Festival – July/August 2015. The tour is funded by Arts Queensland and Townsville City Council and The Regional Arts Development Fund.

July 2015


The performance causes changing atmospheres and brings mayhem around Brisbane and beyond. This production featured the Commedia dell’Arte ensemble.

April 2013


This was a small-scale touring Commedia dell’Arte group production. It toured outback Queensland including performances at Charleville, Roma, Dalby and Toowoomba. It was funded by Arts Queensland.

Artist In Residency Program

A six-month, Artist in Residency programme, which engages with students, teachers and support staff to deliver a tailored cross-curriculum programme focussed on broad-range skills development and culminating in public performances.

These residencies have been successfully undertaken at Clifford Park Special School in Toowoomba and Sunnybank Special School in Brisbane. The residencies have attracted funding from the Arts Queensland Artist in Residency programme.

The performance outcomes of these residencies have achieved excellent audience capacities, and large data public evaluation evidence of 90% considered the work excellent or good.

Each year Blue Roo delivers an Artist in Residency program at a Queensland school with students who have special/additional needs. Blue Roo’s Movement Director delivered the 2019 residency at Clifford Park Special School in Toowoomba. It is cross curriculum in approach and culminated in a public performance at a high-profile venue in Toowoomba.

In 2018, with hard work and focus the ensemble reaped a reward for perseverance and achieved one of its goals. For the first time, they performed at the Centacare 2018 Awards Day with Musical Director, Luke Scott.