Blue Roo performances and activities assist the performers through a mentoring process to learn performing arts skills. The performers learn acting techniques, stagecraft, chorus work, voice, singing, movement, dance, and different performance styles: melodrama, devised, audience participation, narrative, comedy, physical, visual and digital theatre.

The performers learn to understand their relationship with other actors on the stage, with the audience and how these relationships fit the story to enrich performance. They engage in processes that support their ability to undertake improvisation and ensemble work.

Through gaining knowledge and understanding of these performance skills and feedback provided in each drama session, the performers achieve the required ability to present themselves in public performances in high profile theatres and other spaces.

We measure our work through evaluation and feedback from all our stakeholders and the performers themselves.

Current Projects

‘Tis the Season

The full company performance for 2022 is ‘Tis the Season. ‘Tis the Season is a unique, thought-provoking and heart-warming theatre experience devised and performed by the Blue Roo Theatre Company’s inclusive ensemble. A successful search for connection and happiness during the chaos of the Christmas season.

Chasing Rainbows

The performance for 2022 is Chasing Rainbows. Chasing Rainbows is rollicking good fun, devised and performed by the Blue Roo Theatre Company’s small ensemble. A whacky search to the end of the rainbow for a stolen, elusive pot of gold!  

Chasing Rainbows is performed in Brisbane and will tour regionally to schools and surrounding communities.  

Past Productions

The Full Performance

Once a year Blue Roo has a main house performance in Brisbane. Being a community engagement activity, practice is long-term. We recognise the learning abilities of the performers and structure a process that supports this learning.

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Melodrama Ensemble

Melodrama is a style of theatre that was prominent in the Victorian era. It uses exaggeration and stereotyped characters to appeal to the audience’s emotions

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Digital Productions & Visual Podcasts

2019 with the health and performance disruptions of COVID, Blue Roo pivoted to a hybrid model of live and digital productions.   Our productions are now devised to move between the stage and the digital world, as COVID allows

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Commedia Dell’Arte

In the wonderful tradition of Commedia dell’Arte, Blue Roo Theatre Company brings the theatre offering steeped in the classical Italian comic style

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A six-month, Artist in Residency programme, which engages with students, teachers and support staff to deliver a tailored cross-curriculum programme focussed on broad-range skills development and culminating in public performances.

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